Our aim is to make the shopping experience easy without headaches and complaints.

Order process

When a customer places an order, an email is sent to them by Cheap Pills Store, which will be confirmed by the customer.

Now, after this, you are supposed to process the order and make the payment online. Once your order is successfully placed at your location you will receive a final acknowledgment confirmation from our end with the final order value and the excepted time for delivery.

If in any case, we are unable to place your order or place a partial order due to stockouts and poor delivery service then the same will be mentioned in the final acknowledgment bill from our end.

Damaged/ Defective Product Received

If you have received a damaged and defective product, please contact us or our team within 48 hours of delivery with your order number and a few description line of why you are complaining.

Our amazing customer support team takes all the queries very seriously and helps you to solve your problem.

If the medicine that you have received is damaged or not that medicine which you have ordered, it will be reshipped provided that you have sent us all the details required for the reshipment. Unfortunately, your order cannot be refunded once it has been processed or used.

Lost Orders

In some rare cases, if your order gets lost in transit or does not reach you for a very long time, you can urgently contact us on our mail

We ensure that we’ll ship that order again on a high-priority basis.

Our customer support team will reach out to you and give updates from time to time.

Cancellation and Refund

If you don’t want your order anymore and want to cancel it, you can do so by sending us an email regarding the same before it is verified.

Your order cannot be canceled once it has been approved by our team. Once the order is shipped, it cannot be canceled and refundable.